I am of Christ

I’m the daughter of the Church. Oh! How the prayers of the priest give me joy!
In the priest, I see only God. I don’t look for the knowledge the priest has but for the virtues in him…

I saw three lighted candles and I became aware of a priest saying Mass. And it seemed to me that I saw that a letter of gold was written on each candle.

The letter written on the first candle signified poverty, that on the second signified chastity, and on the third, obedience.

I saw that the three candles also represented the Holy Family; the candle of poverty represented Saint Joseph, that of chastity, Mary and that of obedience, Jesus.

At that moment I became aware that the flames of the three candles were burning between the throne of God and myself.

I saw the flame of poverty in heaven presenting infinite riches before God; that of chastity, immense purity and enjoyment and that of obedience, a most powerful authority before which all bowed down and obeyed.

And I also saw that to pass in front of and stand before God, it was necessary to hide behind the flames of poverty, chastity and obedience which are found between God and us.

As one passed or stood behind these flames, the image of Jesus Christ was stamped or engraved upon us. And God, who had turned aside man since the Fall, could now look at us through Jesus , because He no longer sees us but the image of Jesus in us.
– Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified

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