An Invitation to Love Jesus


Urgent Messages from Jesus to Pray Chaplet of Love as follows: 

Thursday 3 November 2016
Now it has begun, now the tendrils squeeze the throat of My Bride, hoping to kill her. 

The darkness is here, the darkness is darker and the lies that seem like the truth will try to crucify My Bride but, it will not succeed. 

A darkness that blinds is about to descend on My Church.
Now is the time to say My Chaplet of Love in earnest for its power, that I have placed within it, will allow many to see the Truth, it comes into its own.  It is the ‘Time of Justice’. 

Tuesday 17 January 1995, Rotherhithe, London
My sons and all My children, say this Chaplet of Love for Me and let it be given to My Heart with all the love and sincerity that is in you and it, too, will appease My Pain in this time of great tribulation and Sorrow that is in Me. 

Say it now at the Hour of Justice (6pm) and say it continually through the three days of darkness while I rebuild this world with Love. 

It will stem the flow of My Tears that are cried eternally for this world.  Through it, amass a great vessel of love so that I may drink it so as to quench My thirst for souls for a great number will be saved through it.  Say it for your families and for your priests.

Say it for yourselves and all of My children and I will hear it and be moved to grant many miracles through it.  
Say it on My Mother’s jewels (rosary beads).  Say these Words.

Say it in this way:

Chaplet of Love Prayers:

First: On the Crucifix.  Kiss My Cross of Love, the symbol of great tenderness and say:
Oh, Most Adorable Heart, I love Thee, save us.

Second: On the first bead say:
Oh, Most Sacred Heart, I love Thee profoundly pour upon us Thy Merciful Love.

Third: On the next three beads say:
Jesus, Heart of Tenderness, save the hearts that do not love Thee.

Fourth: On the next large bead say:
Oh, Most Sacred Heart, I love Thee profoundly pour upon us Thy Merciful Love.

Fifth: On the medal.  Kiss the image of My Mother and My own and say:
Infinite Love, fill us so that we may love Thee profoundly.

Sixth: On the large beads say:
Oh Great Vessel of Love that holds only Love, offer to the Father of All the little love that I give to appease the Pain that is in Thy Most Sacred Heart, that He may see its profound love and save us in His infinite Mercy.

Seventh: On the small decade beads say:
Oh, Jesus, Heart of Love, I love Thee, let my love appease Thy Pain.

End: Pray the fifth, fourth, third, second and first stages on the appropriate medal, beads and Cross.

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