Devotion to the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ


This is the Devotion to the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ as given by Our Lord and Our Lady and a multitude of angels and saints to a nearly illiterate Nigerian teenage boy, Barnabas Nwoye, in the village of Olo, Enugu State, Nigeria, from 1995 – 2003. Our Lord told young Barnabas this is the greatest devotion He has ever given the Church and the last one He will give in this age. This is the ark that will protect and bring the Holy Catholic Church, the remnant faithful and all those you love and pray for safely through the bitter trials of the coming chastisement and into the promised Era of Peace.

There are three main parts to this devotion:
The Daily Devotion – The minimum daily prayers for a devotee are:

One Mystery of the Rosary (Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful or Glorious)
Chaplet of the Precious Blood
Litany of the Precious Blood
Consecration to the Precious Blood
Any other prayers from the Full Daily Devotion that you can add into your day without neglecting your duties to your family or work. (See list at the bottom of this page)
Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance in finding the proper balance of prayer, work and family commitment for your particular situation in life. Begin to discard frivolous activities and replace them with silence and prayer. The wise advice of a competent spiritual director is a great blessing for anyone who desires to reach a higher state of perfection in this life and is strongly recommended.

The Gethsemane Hours – Every Thursday night from 11pm to Friday morning at 3am are the Gethsemane Hours. These are the actual hours Our Lord suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane. It is best to pray these hours in the presence of Our Lord in exposition or before the tabernacle. If you are not blessed with a local church or chapel open at this hour, there are internet sites with live images of Our Eucharistic Lord in exposition you can visit, or, you can set up a sacred place or altar with a crucifix, image of Christ, crown of thorns, candle, etc. It is best to pray in groups of two or more, but not necessary. If only the minimum of one hour is possible for you, Our Lord requests it between midnight and 3am on Friday. Our Lord has given the prayers below for the full four hour observance. For less than this, we recommend you pray one or more complete sets of prayers each week (all the Anguished Appeals or all the Adoration Prayers, etc.) until you have prayed them all, then begin again.

All four mysteries of the Rosary (Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious)
Chaplet of the Precious Blood
Litany of the Precious Blood
Consecration to the Precious Blood
Consolation Prayers
Adoration Prayers
The Anguished Appeals
The Mystical Prayers
Votive Mass of the Precious Blood and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, where available.
It is suggested you take a nap of as many hours as possible before you begin so you may not fall asleep during these powerful hours of prayer as the Apostles did, but remain alert and awake to console Our Lord and adore His Most Precious Blood. The Great Month of July – Every July (and also the Third Friday of every month), the Church honors the Precious Blood of Our Lord. During the Great Month of July, Our Lord has given us three very important periods of prayer:

July 1-9, Novena of the Precious Blood in honor of the Nine Choirs of Angels
July 13-15, Three days of prayer in honor of the Most Holy Trinity
July 20-31, Twelve days of prayer for the New Israel
You are to offer the following prayers, during each period indicated, in place of your usual Daily Devotion:

The Rosary (all four mysteries if possible, but a minimum of one is required)
Chaplet of the Precious Blood
Litany of the Precious Blood
Consecration to the Precious Blood
Consolation Prayers
Adoration Prayers
The Anguished Appeals
The Mystical Prayers
All three periods of prayer are required to be fully observed every year by all those who are consecrated to the Precious Blood and by all those preparing for their consecration. During the month of July, on the days between the periods of prayer mentioned above, you may either return to the Daily Devotion prayers or continue the novena prayers as an additional offering to our Lord.

During the Great Month of July, the Gethsemane Hours continue every Thursday night. In the beginning, a devotee may apply some or all of the prayers of the Gethsemane Hours as their Thursday or Friday Daily Devotion or July Novena. For example, you may pray the minimum Daily Devotion with only one Rosary on Thursday day, then continue with the rest of the prayers during your Gethsemane Hours that night, and offer this all as your Thursday Daily Devotion or Thursday July Novena.

You may also pray either the minimum or full Daily Devotion or July Novena on Thursday day, then all the Gethsemane Hour prayers that night, and offer the Gethsemane Hour prayers as your Friday Daily Devotion or Friday July Novena.

The prayers may be prayed in any order with the exception of the Chaplet which must immediately follow the Rosary. You do not have to pray all the prayers at one sitting. You may offer them little by little throughout your day.

As you mature in this life of prayer, and as time permits in your personal schedule, you may eventually be able to pray the Getsemane Hour prayers in addition to your daily prayers of Thursday and Friday. As Fr. Evaristus Eshiowu once stated, “He who is hungry, eats more.”

(4) Third Friday Reparation – Our Lord told Barnabas that much of the chastisement could be avoided if enough people would come together in churches and offer this day of prayer in reparation for the sins committed against the Eucharist and His Precious Blood throughout the world.

(5) September 14th, Triumph of the Cross- This is a great celebration in this devotion and is offered in all solemnity with candlelight and song. We look forward to the day when the Triumph of the Holy Cross will become the first day of the Glorious Reign of Peace.

Consecration to the Precious Blood – After you have prayed the three main parts of this devotion for five consecutive months and have reflected deeply on making a life-long commitment to the prayers as indicated, then if you feel called, you may present yourself to become consecrated to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Any priest can perform the consecration. The details can be found in our upcoming book The Complete Devotion to the Precious Blood or on our website at or by contacting us. (see page 2)

One year after your consecration, you may begin a series of retreats and studies designed to teach you how to practice the virtues to a heroic degree. By studying Our Lord’s teachings carefully and applying them to your daily life, you will quickly grow in holiness. On your third anniversary, you may renew your consecration and receive the Rose of Perfect Purity. This can be repeated every three years.

If family duties or poor health prevent you from making this commitment, you can join our spiritual prayer association, The Little Lambs of His Most Precious Blood. You may do this by offering whatever prayers you can with your daily sufferings to Our Crucified Lord through His Mother’s Sorrowful Heart at the foot of the Cross, in union with all the Little Lambs of His Most Precious Blood throughout the world. Offer it all for the work of the Association of the Precious Blood in the world; which is the salvation of souls, the sanctification and needs of all priests and the spread of this devotion around the world. We offer a Mass on the Third Friday of each month for the personal intentions of each member as well as remember them fondly in our daily Masses, prayers and adoration.

Below is a list of the different parts of this devotion in this book and the pages they can be found on:

Minimum Daily Devotion (pgs. 19-47)
Full Daily Devotion (pgs. 19-124)
Gethsemane Hour Prayers (pgs. 19-109)
Great Month of July Novenas (pgs. 19-109)
Third Friday Reparation (pg. 125-127)
Sept. 14, Triumph of the Cross – Feast of the Glorious Reign (pgs. 128-149)
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To Our Lady of Guadalupe whose virginal
blood mingled with the most Precious Blood of
her Holy Son during her divine gestation. May
her powerful prayers save all the unborn from
the holocaust of abortion and assist us in the
rapid spread of this devotion to all her children
in the world in order to save as many souls as
possible from the destructive power of the evil
And to our beloved Pope John Paul II, of
blessed memory, who warned us of the coming
trials during his pontifi cate. Help us with your
prayers to teach this devotion to the whole
world before the fearful hour comes. Please
intercede for us, for the safety of the Church
and her people.


On Promoting
Devotion to the

Most Precious
Blood of Our
Lord Jesus Christ
An Apostolic
Letter from
Blessed Pope
June 30, 1960
Unlimited is the effectiveness of the God-
Man’s Blood – just as unlimited as the love
that impelled him to pour it out for us, fi rst
at his circumcision eight days after birth, and more profusely later on in his agony in the garden, in his scourging and crowning with thorns, in his climb to Calvary and crucifixion, and fi nally from out of that great wide wound in his side which symbolizes the divine Blood cascading down into all the Church’s sacraments. Such surpassing love suggests, nay demands, that everyone
reborn in the torrents of that Blood adore it with grateful love.


The Blood of the new and eternal covenant
especially deserves this worship of latria
when it is elevated during the sacrifi ce of the
Mass. But such worship achieves its normal
fulfillment in sacramental communion
with the same Blood, indissolubly United with Christ’s Eucharistic Body. In intimate
association with the celebrant, the faithful can then truly make his sentiments at communion their own: “I will take the chalice of salvation and call upon the name
of the Lord. . . The Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve my soul for everlasting life. Amen.”

Thus as often as they come worthily to this holy table they will receive more abundant fruits of the redemption and
resurrection and eternal life won for all men by the Blood Christ shed “through the Holy Spirit.” Nourished by his Body and Blood, sharing the divine strength that has sustained
countless martyrs, they will stand up to the slings and arrows of each day’s fortunes – even if need be to martyrdom itself for the
sake of Christian virtue and the kingdom of God. Theirs will be the experience of that 8
burning love which made
St. John Chrysostom cry out, “Let us, then, come back from that table like lions breathing out fire, thus becoming
terrifying to the Devil, and remaining mindful
of our Head and of the
love he has shown for
us. . . This Blood, when
worthily received, drives
away demons and puts
them at a distance from
us, and even summons to
us angels and the Lord
of angels. . . This Blood,
poured out in abundance,
has washed the whole
world clean. . . This is
the price of the world;
by it Christ purchased the Church… This thought will check in us unruly passions. How long, in truth, shall we be attached to present things? How long shall we remain asleep? How long shall we not take thought 9
for our own salvation? Let us remember what privileges God has bestowed on us, let us give thanks, let us glorify him, not only by faith, but also by our very works.” You know well enough that your ransom was not paid in earthly currency, silver or gold; it was paid in the Precious Blood of Christ; no lamb was ever so pure, so spotless a victim. If only they would lend a more eager ear to the apostle of the Gentiles: “A great price was paid to ransom you; glorify God by making your bodies the shrines of his presence.” Their upright lives would then be the shining example they ought to be; Christ’s Church would far more effectively fulfill its mission to men. God wants all men to be saved, for he has willed that they should all be ransomed by the Blood of his only-begotten Son; he calls them all to be members of the one Mystical Body whose head is Christ. If only men would be more responsive to these promptings of his grace, how much the bonds of brotherly love among individuals and peoples and nations would be strengthened.

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