Prayers to Our Mother of God

Into thy hands, Mary, I commend my body and my soul, I ask thee to provide for them and to protect them. I ask thee to protect them from the evil one.

I ask thee enlighten my mind, strengthen my will, and refrain my appetites by grace.

Our Lady and St. Michael, call down from Heaven the legions of angels under your command to protect me; I ask of thee all the things I ask of my Guardian Angel.

My Guardian angel, under thy intellectual and volitional protection I place my body. I ask thee to illumine my mind and refrain my appetites.

I ask thee to strengthen my cogitative ( perception, discernment, awareness, apprehension, learning, understanding, comprehension, enlightenment, insight, intelligence, reason, reasoning, thinking, thought, conscious thought)

power, my memory and my imagination.

Help me to remember the things I should and not remember the things I should not.

Help me to associate the things I should and not to associate the things I should not.

Give me good clear images in my imagination.

I ask thee to drive away all the demons that might affect me while I sleep

(or throughout the course of the day).

(Help me to sleep and, if thou should deem it prudent, direct my dreams. Help me to arise refreshed).

Amen Alleluia 🙏🙏🙏 Prayer


Ant. 1 The Lord will come from his holy place to save his people.

❤️Psalm 101❤️
Avowal of a good ruler
If you love me, keep my commandments
(John 14:15).

💛My song is of mercy and justice;
I sing to you, O Lord.
I will walk in the way of perfection.
O when, Lord, will you come?

💛I will walk with blameless heart
within my house;
I will not set before my eyes
whatever is base.

💛I will hate the ways of the crooked;
they shall not be my friends.
The false-hearted must keep far away;
the wicked I disown.

💛The man who slanders his neighbor in secret
I will bring to silence.
The man of proud looks and haughty heart
I will never endure.

💛I look to the faithful in the land
that they may dwell with me.
He who walks in the way of perfection
shall be my friend.

💛No man who practices deceit
shall live within my house.
No man who utters lies shall stand
before my eyes.

💛Morning by morning I will silence
all the wicked in the land,
uprooting from the city of the Lord
all who do evil.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
— as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen.


❤️So that your people may walk in innocence, you came to us, Lord Jesus, and told us to be holy as your Father is holy. Help your children to love what is truly perfect, so that we may neither speak what is evil nor do what is wrong. Let us stand in your sight and celebrate with you the Father’s love and justice.

Ant. The Lord will come from his holy place to save his people.

(From this morning’s Breviary Prayer)

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